This is Your Money. We Want to Help You Keep More of It.

CSSI is a cost segregation firm specifically focused to perform engineering-based cost segregation studies for commercial properties valued at $150,000 – $750 million. CSSI performs engineering-based cost segregation studies as an essential tax savings tool for commercial property owners. We are the premier company for engineering-based cost segregation studies in America.

 Cost segregation is the method of re-classifying components and improvements of your commercial building from real property to personal property. This process allows the assets to be depreciated on a 5-, 7-, or 15-year schedule instead of the traditional 27.5- or 39-year depreciation schedule of real property. Thus, your current taxable income will be greatly reduced and your cash flow will increase.

In 15 years, we have completed over 20,000 CSSI Studies. Our CSSI Studies have been performed for commercial property owners in every state of the U.S. Our nationwide network of professional CSSI representatives can demonstrate and coordinate the application of cost segregation for commercial property owners. CSSI representatives bring the personal and professional attention that every commercial property owner and their CPA needs to assure the proper  engineer-based cost segregation result, according to the tax rules.

 Our Objective

Our objective is to facilitate maximum tax savings which improves our client’s cash flow.
Our focus is clear. We want CSSI to be the best provider of engineering-based cost segregation applications in America.

 About the Founder, Jim Shreve

CSSI was founded by Jim Shreve. He received a B.S. degree in industrial engineering from Louisiana Tech. Jim Shreve designed the CSSI Study based upon the Cost Segregation Audit Technique Guidelines.

As a highly respected and experienced provider of engineering-based cost segregation studies, Jim Shreve developed the protocols and processes of an method of cost segregation. The first to benefit from the cost segregation process were the wealthiest clients of CPA’s and attorneys (with studies costing upwards of $100,000).

Jim’s more personal charter resulted in pioneering the development of the cost-effective method for all commercial property owners, the CSSI Study.